Providing a space of community exchange centered around sustainable practices in the arts.

Why You Should Join Me

Join this community to connect with other Artists in Eugene, Oregon. Here we will focus on learning and growing together. Know how to do something well? Make a video tutorial and post it! Need to know how to do something? Ask a question!

Status of SURFACE

SURFACE Community is currently a framework. It is birthed into the world and now requires a village to nurture it. Will you be part of this village?

SURFACE as a physical manifestation is still incubating.

We have several prospective physical locations and will update here when we have chosen the perfect home! 

Help fund our start up costs at IFUNDWOMEN.


Sustainable Materiality: A commitment to sustainable materiality means providing space to explore and ask critical questions about the materials we use when creating and consuming art.

Sustainable Practices: This means providing resources and opportunities for underserved and underrecognized Artists.

Self-Directed Learning: In this context self-directed learning means providing space for Artists to learn their craft and explore their role in the community outside traditional educational institutions. It is school without walls, learning in community.


About The Founder

Geraldine Sundstrom is an Artist living in Eugene Oregon with a passion for facilitating opportunities in her community. She recognized the challenge of finding local space to create and display art while also engaging in a community in her own practice over the last two years. It seemed this opportunity only existed by attending an MFA program. SURFACE is her alternative, a space of self-directed learning centered around sustainable practices in the arts. 

These are the topics SURFACE will attempt to address in it's programming. This cannot be done without a committed community and that is where you come in!

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